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HRT Clinic for Women in Pasadena

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Women's health requires regular support because a woman's life cycle goes through difficult periods and challenges. Especially during the onset of premenopause and menopause, when the body begins to reduce the production of natural hormones and the signs of aging begin to progress. We made it our mission to help women maintain their health and prolong their youthful body and mental health. We carry out all this with the help of innovative methods of hormone replacement therapy.

A thorough diagnostics

Our diagnostic lab will provide you with blood tests required by your doctor to diagnose whether HRT is necessary for you.

Careful doctors

Our physicians have certificates and licenses that prove they are certified HRT providers in Pasadena. Besides, we provide the most careful attitude to each patient.

Individual approach

Each body is unique so we provide a custom therapy plan for each patient, according to her body condition, age, medical history, etc.

After-therapy care

We do not stop just on the prescription of hormones. Each patient is guided by her physician long after the course is done. We continue to supervise your hormone levels to maintain the perfect body condition.

Get in Touch With the Best HRT Doctors in Pasadena

It is also our job to educate women about the role hormones play, why hormonal balance is important, and how HRT can improve your life.

What Are the Benefits of Taking HRT for Women?

When you start your hormone replacement therapy, you can get lots of benefits as follows:

  • Weight control and belly fat decrease.
  • Increase of sex drive.
  • Bone growth and strength.
  • Skin condition improvement.
  • Mood control and energy level increase.
  • Better sleeping.

What Are Typical HRT Methods for Women?

  • Estrogen levels control.
  • Testosterone increase.
  • Pregesterone balance control.

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Some Facts About Hormone Imbalance in Women and Risks It Provides to the Body

The imbalance of hormones in women causes not only depressing changes in the body but also leads to mental health problems. Lack of hormones can lead to an increase in depressive symptoms, increased anxiety, mood swings, decreased libido, and sleep disturbances. With hormonal imbalance, you constantly feel out of place, experience discomfort, and a decrease in concentration.

All these problems can be solved by controlling the level of Progesterone, Testosterone, and Estrogen.

The main signs that you should check your hormone levels are:

  • Poor sleep and insomnia,
  • Constant feeling of apathy, chronic fatigue,
  • Weight gain with a concentration of adipose tissue in the abdomen and arms,
  • Depression,
  • Frequent mood swings,
  • Irritability,
  • Vaginal dryness or dystrophy,
  • Skin problems such as excessive breakouts or severe dryness,
  • Loss of muscle volume, muscle laxity.

The Best Option on How to Get HRT in Pasadena

In case you want to receive effective hormone therapy, you will need accurate diagnosis and support from a medical specialist who deals specifically with HRT in adults. Each organism has its individual characteristics, which are important to consider when choosing methods of hormone replacement therapy, dosage, drugs, and duration of treatment. All HRT methods require fine-tuning to the characteristics of the patient's body, so it is extremely important that your doctor is qualified and experienced in conducting such patients.

Hormone replacement therapy cannot be called a universal method of treatment because it has its features and contraindications. Be sure to get diagnosed and consult with an HRT specialist to know if this treatment will be effective and suitable for you.

Enjoy Your Young and Full of Drive Life With HRT

Change your life for the better with innovative HRT methods for people. Live life to the fullest and enjoy the possibilities of your body. Sign up for a consultation to learn more about HRT.

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About Our Clinic

In our clinic, you can get a full-fledged HRT for adults. We are FDA-approved specialists who have wide experience in conducting HRT in women. Our physicians are more than just practicing doctors as they hold their research in hormones and their impact on the body.

We offer you to pass blood tests and get consultations from our medical advisors to start your HRT treatment and gain youth and health you need to feel the lust for life and energy.

Main Principles of HRT and How Does It Impacts Health

There are many myths about HRT. Due to erroneous results from 2002 studies, this treatment option for premenopausal and menopausal symptoms in women has been forgotten for a long time. But recent studies have shown that HRT has the right to be used in evidence-based medicine, and its effectiveness is undeniable when it comes to improving the quality of life and prolonging the youthfulness of the body.

One of the most popular HRT myths is related to the use of synthetic hormones. These substances were isolated at the beginning of the last century, but even with the development of technologies, their contraindications and side effects raised doubts about the rationality of using synthetic hormones for medicinal purposes. The lion's share of HRT myths is also associated with the use of synthetic hormones in professional sports, where these substances are already banned due to their side effects.

But modern HRT methods do not use synthetic hormones. It is a myth. Instead, new substances are used in therapy, the so-called bioidentical hormones. They not only have the same effect as the hormones secreted by our body but also have an identical molecular structure, which increases their effectiveness and safety when introduced into the body.

In modern methods of hormone replacement therapy, substances are used in several dosage forms:

  • Creams and gels that deliver a dose of hormones to the bloodstream through absorption by skin cells.
  • Pills that deliver hormones by absorption from the digestive tract.

Thus, you can adjust the level of the hormone Estrogen, and, if necessary, additionally introduce the necessary dosages of Testosterone into the body to maintain hormonal balance.

What Are the Results of HRT for Women

The most important thing about HRT is the results you can experience yourself. Thanks to the precisely matched dosage of bioidentical hormones, you can make progress in improving your physical and mental health.

On the part of physical effects:

  • Improving the condition of muscles and bones,
  • Increased endurance,
  • Reduction of signs of menopause: vaginal dryness, bouts of sweating, pressure surges,
  • Healthy weight control,
  • Increased libido.

The mental health outcomes are as follows:

  • Improving the quality of sleep,
  • Reduced mood swings,
  • Maintaining a stable mood and calmness,
  • Reducing signs of depression,
  • Restoration of cognitive functions,
  • Increased vitality.


Can I get HRT without a doctor's prescription?

It is not a good idea as the hormonal balance is fragile and it requires medical supervision to be effective and do not harm your body. Please, contact our medical advisors to get more info about HRT and whether you need it.

Are bioidentical hormones safe for intake?

These hormone substitutes are absolutely identical to hormones that are produced by our bodies. If you take them under the supervision of your doctor, it is safe enough to use them to improve your body condition.

What are contraindications for HRT in women?

Particularly, that kind of therapy is used for improving life quality in women in their premenopause and menopause. There are fewer contraindications for HRT, yet they do exist. This kind of therapy is not used for women struggling with breast, ovarian, or endometrial cancer, and patients with deep vein thrombosis, or stroke.

Can I improve my psyche condition by intaking hormones?

Hormones regulate almost all the processes in our bodies including cognitive functions and mental health. So using HRT, you can improve your mental health too. The results of the therapy include mood improvement, better sleep, higher concentration.



Hi, I'm Hanna, 49 yo. I'm taking HRT for 6 months to defeat hard menopause symptoms like sweating and weight gaining. I can call it a miracle as it was tough to deal with my body changes and the aging traces it gets. With Testosterone therapy, I feel complexly renewed. My sleeping quality improved considerably and my weight stopped growing frighteningly after 4 weeks of intake. Each day I feel better and that's great! Thanks to my doctor, who conducts my therapy for this brilliant result.


Be sure that this therapy method should be taken if you have symptoms of hormone imbalance. It works! I'm happy I have decided to pass the blood test for hormones a year ago as I was fully confused with my body reactions. Since I've been 45, it became more and more difficult to cope with the mood changes and lassitude I've felt. HRT changed this and I feel like in my 30s, not like a menopause fury.


I've heard about HRT from my cousin who intakes it for several years. I thought it is not a good idea to add synthetic hormones to my body but it is not as scary as sounds. My doctor prescribed me injections of bioidentical hormones to improve my weight and muscle condition as I was in a step from morbid obesity. I feel good now and I'm stronger now.

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